Looking for Reviews of Photographers near you?

Here are some reviews for you... I know "photographers near me" is a very common search term.

And frankly, I want our website to be found on the search engines for people that want our services LOL...

This blog post will be updated with reviews for your area. Just let me know in the comments below and I'll add some for you.

Review for Photographers Near Me - Wilsonville Area

All of these reviews are pulled from Google. I figured, hey, why make things difficult for you?

Click the image to see a live result on Google now.

Have you seen my article about choosing the right photographer? Here's an article that will save you some money and keep your search quick and easy.

We really champion authenticity here...

So in that thought, the reason why I share reviews of my local competitors on my website is because I believe in abundance.

More importantly, I know that no two people are the same.

And photography is art.

Not all people like the same art.

There are so many different styles and artistic elements to a photographer's work.

You deserve to choose the one you'll be the most happy with.

It's yours afterall....

What we offer here at Bridgetown Pictures is something called Bridgetown Story Sessions.

It's perfect for personal brands, however we have adapted this style for corporate brands.

If you want to learn more, you can follow this link to our Personal Branding Photography page.

Ok, so don't forget that reviews for photographers near me will be updated, so come back if you're still undecided.

Take Care,

Mark Gubuan

Studio Manager/Director of Funk

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How to Organize Your Photos On Your Computer

So after you've gone through our Bridgetown Story Session photoshoot, you'll have 90 days of content to organize.

Wow! When it comes down to it... that's a lot of files to manage.

Especially if they're not named properly.

So let's start with the basics.

File Naming Convention

So the one thing that I focus on is having a strategy that allows for the file names to be sorted in such a way that makes things easy to find.

The last thing I want to do is fumble around when people need something.

I want to be Johnny on the spot with files if people are asking about them.

Here's a generic example of how I like to name our files.

BP - Personal Branding Photography - Mark - 2019.09.15

The first section is [BP]. This stands for Bridgetown Pictures.

I name things this way so that any of our client work or other business ventures don't get mixed up.

The second section is [Personal Branding Photography]. This is the keyword that we'd like to optimize for.

In layman's terms, we want the search engine to find us when people type in Personal Branding Photography.

You should do the same for your business.

The third section is [Mark]. This is the subject, place, activity or whatever the picture is.

This makes it so that the search engine sees the difference between one image and the next.

And the fourth section is [2019.09.05]. It's obviously the date, but I wrote it in this sequence so that if you have files named the same way it will sort sequentially.

File Naming for Social Media Content

When you're organizing your files, I would always keep the originals in a place where you won't accidentally corrupt the files.

Here's how I would name social media content.


It would look something like this.

2019.09.16 - Personal Branding Photography - 3 Photography Tips - Image 1

The benefit of doing it this way, is so that you can simply sort the folder and find the image you're going to use for that day and upload it.

Speaking of folders....

I would recommend organizing your content by marketing channel.

So the tree would look like this...

Marketing > Social Media Marketing > Facebook > Images

And then you'd have a different folder for Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

What do you think?

Is this helpful? Let me know in the comments below!!

3 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Photographer for Headshots

Looking for a photographer for headshots? Great! Check out these 3 tips before you hire one.

3 Things.png

Tip #3 | The Best Way to Find A Photographer for Headshots

The best way to find a photographer for headshots is to get a referral from a friend, family member or co-worker.

From my experience, you'll be able to find someone you can trust and you'll be able to take a look at their portfolio too.

Ok, so I know they’re sometimes not totally reliable…

That’s ok because you can simply go to Google and search on “photographers near me” and you should find a suitable photographer with great reviews.

Tip #2 | Here's How Much You Should Pay a Photographer for Headshots

Pricing is going vary based on need. For example, if you need a headshot for a passport photo, I wouldn't spend more than $25-$50 for that.

But if you're going to be using headshots for improving your LinkedIn profile, applying for jobs or some other professional use, you'll want to spend a couple hundred dollars.

Tip #1 | If You're Using Headshots for Business... You're Doing It Wrong

The problem with typical headshots is that they're boring, tired and old.

When want to stand out, you need something better than just a headshot.

You need a story telling photograph.

Sure, you're probably thinking, well if everyone does this doesn't this make everyone the same again?

But it doesn't...

Because a story telling photograph makes you genuine and unique by design.

No one will ever be able to copy you.

That's why we created Bridgetown Story Sessions. It's our personal branding photography package that helps you create a brand that lasts and attracts your perfect client.

Get Your ANTI-Headshot Bridgetown Story Session Today

Take Care,

Mark Gubuan

Studio Manager/Director of Funk

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How to Make Old; New Again

Modern photography is unlike anything else in history.

The competition for the attention of ONE personal seems to have no end in sight.

Human beings are constantly over stimulated...

Take driving a car, for example, it’s so overwhelming on the senses.

You're late for school...

...the kids are screaming in the back.

People are honking at each other... and not you.

All while you're mentally preparing for that big presentation you have later in the day!

Sound a little too familiar?

It's crazy to be alive right now because technology is growing exponentially and many of us were alive to see the beginning.

So what's next?

How do you take old, but high converting, advertising principles and make them new for a modern, authentic visual marketing message?

The answer... is a Bridgetown Story Session.

Simply, this is our personal branding photography package and one of the reasons why you should be following us here, on Instagram and YouTube...

We want to help you out so much that we're creating and releasing content daily for you...

Please subscribe!!!

Now onto the content...

High Converting Ad Principle #1


There must be congruency from message to offer.

If you’re offering a high value package, the marketing message should convey the same message.

Photography today can mimic this principle by taking content from the same shoot and use it across many different marketing channels and social platforms.

High Converting Ad Principle #2

Clearly defined value.

Since we’re on the topic of value, let’s chat about having a solid value proposition.

A value proposition can also be known as an irresistible offer.

Professionally planned images can easily convey the right message.

This is done by showing the quality of the manufacturing process or by capturing a memorable customer service experience.

High Converting Ad Principle #3

Emotion driven messaging.

We’ve known since the beginning of time that a human's emotion drives them to action.

Do you have a song that reminds you of something that happened in your life? Like a wedding song? Or a first kiss?

That's what happens when you create imagery that's relevant and familiar to your audience in today's modern world.


There is ONE problem...

Never before have humans been able to create video and digital photography with ease.

You have full multi-media studios in your pocket now.

Everyone can create high converting images now...

Or can they?

Because when a true artist picks up a camera... you notice the difference.


It's because a professional can create a emotion driven image that's congruent and has a clearly defined value proposition in an artistic way.

What is a Bridgetown Story Session?

Just imagine having 90 days of professional, authentic, photography with targeted messaging to use in your social media campaigns.

Imagine never having to worry about images for advertising because you have branding and unique pictures at your disposal.

Increase your customer's confidence in you because your messaging is congruent across your website, social media presence and advertising.

If this makes sense to you then let's make sure to have a conversation about it.

Have you gotten your FREE CUSTOMER SUCCESS PROFILE PDF? Subscribe to our newsletter and get it sent to your best email.


Schedule a time to chat (503) 383-9159 or email Jess@BridgetownPictures.com.


Mark Gubuan

Studio Manager and Director of Funk

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Cheap Headshots Are Hurting You Not Helping; Do This Instead

Cheap headshots might seem like the ONLY option you have when you're just getting started with marketing or branding yourself or your business.

I get it though... the whole point of getting headshots done are to help create trust, to imply professionalism and to show the people that you're looking to attract that you take things seriously...

But the reality is that you're just making yourself look like everyone else.

If headshots aren't the way to go, what should you do instead?

Well if you're looking for one single headshot to put on a passport photo or something like that, by all means go to the mall or have a friend take your picture.

But if you're really looking for the wow factor, there's a really obvious and frustratingly overlooked "tactic".

Be you.

The authentic, genuine version of yourself.


In a headshot, we simply don't pose you.

No that's boring (sure we do these but they're not the only thing we do).

What we do is capture you in your natural element.

…in a genuine setting with an authentic emotion.

Trust me... if you love what you do, then you’re not going to feel awkward or self conscious...

And you’re going to look amazing!

And that’s because candid photography is done in a way that you just “do you” and the photographer does the rest...

So you get to be an authentic and genuine person by being you...

You just act natural...

And you rise above the noise and stand out!

How does that sound?

If this makes sense to you and you’re looking for an amazing headshot solution, then check out our Bridgetown Story Sessions right here.

Take Care,

Mark Gubuan

Studio Manager/Director of Funk

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Is Personal Branding Photography Right for You?

Personal branding photography is an investment that can help your business improve its marketing and advertising.

If you’re wondering if you should spend the money, then read the 3 criteria that we’ve identified that will help you make this decision an easy one.

The 3 Criteria You Need to Know When Deciding if Personal Branding Photography is Right for You

Criteria 1 | Your Face is the Face of the Business

Think Oprah Winfrey or Tony Robbins. When you think of their names, you immediately have a perception of what their values are, how they’ve inspired you, how they’ve influenced you and most importantly, you have some kind of emotional response to hearing name or SEEING their face.




If you’re in an industry where your face is what’s primarily seen in advertising or your marketing, then absolutely you need personal branding photography.

Criteria 2 | You Are in A Trust Based Industry

Personal branding photography taken by a professional photographer helps you INSTANTLY create trust with potential clients.

Have you ever just come across a business or a person that just seem a little “off”? Well that’s what happens when you don’t have a clean, professional, UPDATED group of marketing materials.

Just a few off the top of my head are insurance, real estate, accounting, financial planners, life coaches and personal trainers to name a few.

Criteria 3 | You’ve Never Had it Done or Need a Refresh

As I was alluding to in the last second, there’s a trust issue when someone doesn’t “look like” the person in the pictures when they meet them in real life.

You might be accidentally “catfishing” and that’s not a good look for you.

Or if you’re new or just haven’t taken the plunge yet, then do it. You’ll find that people immediately see that you’re taking your business to the next stage.

This bodes well for you because people want to work with people who do well in life and in business.


Bonus Criteria | You Have a Website or Social Media Account

It’s a given these days that its a requirement to have a website and social media account and when it comes to personal branding photography this is where the rubber meets the road.

Content is king.

Personal branding photography is the key to the kingdom.

However there is one problem….

How do you stand out from the crowd if everyone is doing professional photography?

The solution is simple.

You invest in story branding photography.

Story branding photography, even if everyone does it, still allows you to be different.


Because no one can be you. Period.

You can be the best and most authentic and genuine version of yourself and that’s powerful.

Want to learn more about this?

Check out Bridgetown Story Sessions right here

Take Care,

Mark Gubuan

Studio Manager and Director of Funk

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P.S. Do you want to create a high converting marketing message? Check out our FREE Customer Success Profile PDF here.

Choose the Highest Converting Photography Style for The First Three Different Story Branding Photography Sessions

What styles of photography work the best for ads?

There are two subjects that I'll cover in this post. (1) Photography Styles and (2) Editing Styles.

Honestly, there's an infinite number of combinations of variables for effective advertising, but if I could narrow down a main focus for you it would be to understand your audience and show them images that are relatable.

There are actually around 15 photography genres...

Before we get into it. I wanted to use other people’s photography as examples in this blog post, but I decided against it because we all have access to Google and just getting all of the different licenses, etc are just not worth the hassle.

Aerial Photography

With the cost of drone technology coming down, aerial photography is now a genre that has an increasingly low barrier of entry.

This is great because if you need those high converting real estate shots from the sky, you'll be able to affordably accomplish those.

Architectural Photography

I love these shots because they capture the richness of history and tell such a great story about that time.

Taking pictures of key architectural scenes can change everything for you.

Candid Photography

This is where Personal Branding Photography lives. These are also known as lifestyle photography.

When these pictures are taken, they capture a very genuine, authentic emotion when they're done right.

This style is the recommended style for anyone trying to create a personal brand with an emotional connection to their audience.

Documentary Photography

This photography is designed to tell the truth about a subject. By taking photographs that highlight the different points being made, it creates a very linear and easy to understand storyline.

Fashion Photography

This can get very artistic and driven by the photographer. If not, this style will have a lot to do with the marketing campaign.

Obviously the fashion designer will already have the artistic direction in their mind.

It will be the photographer's job to realize this vision and make it a reality.

Food Photography

This type of photography can make something go from average to extraordinary.

Taking the right photography transforms a dish into something absolutely amazing.

Landscape Photography

We just cannot live without landscape photography. Some artists can really take a step back and see the true beauty of the Earth.

This photography can do an excellent job of setting the stage for you when you're telling a story.

Night Photography

This is a very specialized type of photography because there's a lot of patience involved.

So much trial and error getting the shot just right.

If this is a look that you'd like be prepared to spend some extra hours figuring it out.


This type of photography is what you'd expect to see in newspapers.

The news media requires these photographs to be able to tell the right kind of story in the news.

Without these, it because increasingly difficult for the news to create trust that the events are being told the right way.

Fine Art Photography

This photography can be worth a lot of money. I'm not going to pretend like I'm an expert knowing anything about that...

All I'm going to say is this...

You just never know what people are going to spend when it comes to buying fine art.


This style is exactly what you see in a family portrait or in a headshot...

This style works great for capturing a formal picture.

Sports Photography

This is also known as action photography. People or things moving fast.

Capturing the emotion of a big game win or lose.

Getting that last second win.

There's a ton of emotion available in a contest like that.

The art and skill of capturing that raw emotion is amazing because you get to leave your mark on history.

Street Photography

I've re-discovered street photography. There was something about it that I didn't realize appealed to me.

Seeing humanity this way is eye opening when you take a step back and look around.

Telling stories around the city will always have a variation of this style in the photos.

War Photography

I picture black and white images when I think about war photography.

Wars today are so high tech and very seldom documented through photos.

Wildlife Photography

This is one of the styles of photography that take an immense amount of planning and execution.

You have to be a researcher first and then have the right gear and conditions to capture elusive animals.

There might be a little luck involved too...


Don't be...

I'll discuss how to choose the right one below.

Before that I want to touch on editing styles that convert sales for you.

Now before you read any further, this is where I recommend that you hire an expert to do this.

Not because you can't, but because you shouldn't.

I'll explain why at the end.

7 Editing Styles that Convert Sales

Orange and Teal

This is an outdoor editing style. You will find this style used with Street Photography as well as outdoors where the sun is a factor.

It is also used in Candid Shoots.

Light & Airy

This style is found in wedding photography and I've seen it used with indoor real estate photography.

This style really gives the photo a fresh, bright feeling.


The most common way this editing style can be found today is through beauty and travel bloggers.

This look gives pictures a soft and gentle shade.


This is more than just a sepia Instagram filter. LOL. This editing style gives your photography a nostalgic feel if it's done properly.

And that's just it. The right style pulls emotions out of the person looking at the picture.


A muted look can be thought of as a "washed out" look. Or a picture where the colors aren't as bold as they should be.

You'd use this if the image itself wasn't the entirety of the focus.

Maybe you're adding text to the image or have something else in the area of the photo that should have the attention.


This style is when you take one color and make it the dominating color throughout the photo.

Like a black and white photo, but instead of black or white, the image is red and black or red and white.

This image converts well with certain ads, but as with everything, you'll want to test this out.


Ah, the classic black and white. This style is probably the one that can be over used, and under used at the same time.

A black and white photo can capture the most intimate of details, but at the same time tell a story so broad and sweeping that it's powerful.

High Contrast

Bright and bold and colorful. These pictures are sometimes described as "cinematic", but I don't like that description.

I think these are eye catching and beautiful and give us something our eyes can consume and connect with.

Which Editing Style Do I Need?

Ok, so now that I've completely overwhelmed you, let me help you make this an easy decision.

Sound good?

Let's use 3 easy criteria to pick the right editing style.

  1. How does your target audience respond to your ads now?

  2. What message are you communicating?

  3. Are these pictures being used for a temporary campaign or long term branding effort?

These questions are tough questions, I know, but you have to be honest with these answers and get rid of the styles that don't line up with your intention.

Let’s quickly breakdown these three criteria….

How does your target audience respond to your ads now?

What I’m asking here is whether there is a definitive style that your market is responding to.

What’s interesting about advertising today is that you can test all of the different types of images until you find the winners.

When you get to that point, you’ll know exactly the style of photography that works for YOUR high converting ads.

What message are you communicating?





These are all different adjectives that might be used to describe the photos that work best for YOUR high converting ads.

Based on your message, you’ll want to choose the editing style that gives your message the right amplification.

Are these pictures being used for a temporary campaign or long term branding effort?

This question is more about being congruent with your advertising and marketing.

Depending on the usage of your photos, you might want to consider a uniform editing style or concept throughout.

Need help with this? Leave us a comment below and we'll see how we can help.

Take Care,

Mark Gubuan

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How to Amplify Your Marketing Message using High Converting Photography

We just love our clients! Have you seen the work we did for the Move Makers yet? Check it out at this blog post.

The Move Makers - Carolyn Rowe - Google Review - 2019.08.07.png

So we just got back from our 10 year anniversary trip to Mt. Hood.

Check out this AirBNB we stayed at!



Absolutely recommended... the only caveat is that it's modeled after a traditional Japanese Modern Style home.

Short people only! LOL.

I'm 5'4" and it barely cleared my head.

I tell you that story because I was sold on the pictures of the house.

They told me the story of what I was going to experience before I got there.

I'd say everything was pretty accurate.

Take a look for yourself...

High Converting Photography Worked!

Now let’s get real for a second…

I was definitely a buyer before I started searching. The process took a couple of weeks to plan so I wasn’t immediately sold.

So what was the difference?

Well the images amplified the marketing message that they were trying to tell about this property.

The design is inspired by travels to Japan and a love for NW design.

The marketing message was intertwined within the overall listing and the quality of the listing speaks for itself.

The description told the story and delivered the marketing message, but the photography is what tied the whole piece together.

It created amplification because at the end of the day, I made my decision based on what I was seeing and that’s what created my expectation…

And that was set in concrete with the high quality photography.

And let's just point out that this is all standard and formulaic.

There are only so many different ways to display real estate listings.

But the photography is the key to better conversions and standing out from every other real estate agent in the area.

(sure we might be biased over here LOL)

Amplify Your Marketing Message with a Story Session

If you truly want to amplify your marketing message, then the first thing we always lead with is your Customer Avatar...

We call it The Customer Success Profile because we feel we're talking about a person (you) and not a framework.

If you don't have your marketing message nailed down. Stop everything and download this PDF.

Don’t forget to check out this tutorial video I shot on how to fill out and use the Customer Success Profile PDF.

But if you're ready to take the next step and improve your photography, then check this out...

Have you heard about Bridgetown Story Sessions?

You can learn why a marketing first approach to story branded photography delivers a high converting marketing message on this page...


I almost forgot, we'll be doing a training for the Tigard Chamber of Commerce to help you create high converting photography with the best camera available…. the one in your pocket….

Take Care,


Studio Manager and Director of Funk

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P.S. Check out this FREE photography training series we’re creating to help you improve your marketing and advertising. Check it out here.

Mark Gubuan
The Move Makers and Their Experience with Bridgetown Story Sessions

When we first started with business branding photography, we knew that we could create high quality photography, but we wanted to nail down our process first.

That's where The Move Makers come in...

The Move Makers - Carolyn Rowe - Google Review - 2019.08.07.png

The Move Makers are an enthusiastic group of people that make organization and moving a totally stress free experience.

I remember back in the day that I hated moving so much.

I probably moved once a year for 6 years straight. It was so brutal for me that made sure that I was able to fit all of my belongings into a small red pickup truck.

When moving day came… poof… I was gone… LOL.

Now.... I stay put much longer...

But if you want to cut down on the stresses and hassles of organization and moving, The Move Makers are definitely the one's you want to talk to.

A Bridgetown Story Sessions Success Story

The Move Makers are a wonderful example of a business that wanted to update their visual branding to match their level of customer service, experience and enthusiasm.

And to see how beautifully the photography, website and social media marketing came together is amazing because we know that their business is taking steps forward.

We're proud to be able to help businesses with photography.


Branding Photography is A Marketing First Approach to Photography

…and when we approach a business branding session, we do it with a marketing first approach.

Traditional photographers focus on “getting the shot” and there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG with that because ultimately that’s what a great photographer does.

But a branding photographer has to think ahead to HOW the pictures are going to be used.

Today, you have more than just printed materials…

You have social media now and that is quite intensive.

What’s great about working with The Move Makers was that since we approached their requirements this way, there was no second guessing what they needed.

From the planning, to the execution and delivery of the branding shoot, we left no detail undone.

For them, we understood that it was an investment for them and creating high converting photography was a priority.


Since The Move Makers have been taking advantage of our subscription service, they had the opportunity to create a cohesive marketing message for the entire year.

We worked with their staff closely each session and brought their vision to life.

Since they had dedicated marketing staff, it was a breeze to setup the shoots so that they received exactly what they wanted.

But not to worry, if you don’t have dedicated marketing staff, we have a process we use to ensure there are no grey areas when it comes to what you’re expectations are and what we deliver for you.

It is absolutely our priority to align your photography with your marketing message so that over time your digital and print assets convert leads and sales for you.


The Move Makers Results with Branding Photography

Branding Photography is an investment that has unlimited potential.

Now, I can’t guarantee that your branding images will ever go viral or convert sales and leads at specific rate…

There’s just so many factors at play…and it’s just irresponsible to guarantee something like that…

But what I can say is that professional photography that aligns with your marketing message, affects the perception that your clients have of you.

Instantly, they’ll feel more comfortable and will trust you more since all of your marketing channels will be congruent.

From Facebook, to Instagram, to your website, they will see your images and not just generic stock photography.

Now there’s a time and place for stock images (we offer a unique stock image gallery with our Bridgetown Insider’s Club).

But nothing is better than genuine, story telling, imagery showcasing you, your employees, products or services.

Here at Bridgetown Pictures, we’re always excited to speak with you, so if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (503) 383-9159.

Want to learn more about Bridgetown Story Sessions? Check out our Branding Photography page.

Have you seen our Owner Education Series? Check Out The 7 Personal Branding Photography Pillars Your Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know

Get Our Exact Storyboard Worksheet That We Use to Create Story Telling Photography that Converts

In this blog post, we're going to learn the three steps to creating story telling photography that sells.

As a quick note to you, When I came up with this Training Series I had 3 goals in mind.

1. The training helped you sell more of your stuff.

2. The lessons were easy to execute.


3. The simplicity reduced your procrastination to zero.

If you aren't caught up on the first lesson in the series, you can get caught up right here.

Let's get started shall we?

FACT: As of APR 2019 Marvel Cinematic Universe Grossed $7.6 BILLION worldwide.

SOURCE: https://www.statista.com/statistics/188510/most-successful-movie-franchises-in-north-america/


Marvel comics create iconic stories that connect with every conceivable person that watches or reads them.

Stories have been proven over thousands of years to be the world’s greatest communication tool.

So if this works so well.

Why not use this model for our businesses?

…and then I saw this and something clicked… I needed to share this with you…

2014 Women Survey: Do you prefer online ads that use original photography?

SOURCE: https://www.statista.com/statistics/595040/women-s-preference-of-online-ads-that-use-original-photography-in-the-us/

There are 166 million women in America as of 2018. That's a lot of people that probably go online to shop.

So how do you compete for that attention?

Yup. You guessed it.

Story telling photography!

Sounds like a lot of work....right?


Quit telling yourself all of those excuses as to why you don't need this....

because I have the solution for you...

Get your FREE COPY of our Storyboarding Worksheet.

How to Use the Bridgetown Pictures Story Sessions Storyboard Worksheet

(If you have marketing staff, you can refer them to this article and give them this worksheet)

START HERE: What do you want your audience to learn about you or your business?

This is your objective.

Keep it simple, for instance...

You could say, "We want to highlight our employee's experience and skill to convey high quality and care."

or "We want to tell people about our proud heritage"

or finally, "we want to show people how we treat our customers"


Ok, so if you're not creating a long story, this section isn't really "plot points".

It's even more precise.

You might write down something like, "Store Front, Delivery Truck, Team/Employees, Products"

(I know this seems obvious, but there's a reason for it all)



What is your audience going to learn that will change their life or their business?

But let's say you are creating a robust campaign or a campaign that's going to span several weeks.

You might describe this by saying, "our audience will be re-exposed to the problems and frustrations of gardening and how our thing will make their garden green."

or "our audience will be reminded of the pain of procrastination and that our process puts them at peak productivity."


List the 3 plot twists that are the most impactful or important to the story arc.

What story are you telling that helps your teaching point?

This should take your audience through a range of emotions.

Birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, sporting events, places where people experience life are excellent ways to catch candid photography.

(I talk about candid photography in the following trainings)

But within these events, you're audience will get to experience the ups and downs of the problems they're trying to solve.


Restate or clearly state the moral of the story.

Tell your audience how to buy the solution to the problem.

For example, you might say, "you'll never have to waste food again. All you have to do is buy this refrigerator"

That's really all it is.

But that seems too simple doesn't it?

It really is!

If you’re struggling, this is because you have a values conflict somewhere that says something like....

I’ve only seen success from long complicated things, so if it’s not long and complicated it can’t be true.

Because my values of hard work and success are conflicting with each other.

STEP 3: Finalize The Storyboard Photography

Now that you’ve created a storyboard, you’re ready to plan out each image so that you can tell a continuous story across all of your marketing channels.

Effectively, this is going to be your shoot list.

Note how this essentially is what you’ve described in STEP 2, but in picture format.

In this final step, you will either sketch, use the internet to paste images or write a full description of the story.


What people, places or things do you need to show in these images to properly set the stage?

Maybe some ideas could be a storefront, the perspective of your dishwasher or cook, the building that the end product gets delivered.

Or even sketches or notepads with ideas on them.

The goal here is to lay the groundwork for a genuine story to be told.


What people, places or things do you need to create an emotional connection with the audience?

When you’re shooting these shots, we’re not looking for acting.

No we’re looking for quite the opposite.

We want a genuine reaction in a common situation.

The plot twists should always lead to the resolution of any problems our main characters are going through.


What people, places or things do you need to communicate the main point of your story and to conclude or close the open loops?

Showing satisfaction and happiness is the direction I would take this. Not to mention that the photo session is also a lot more fun too.

Turn some music on...

Set the tone....

I digress, some examples of this might be the results of your product or service.

Take pictures of the joy and happiness of achieving goals and use your products in fun environments if possible.

...Or show your customers how easy to use it is.


and I know that you might not always want to do a full storyboard for a small campaign.

...but the photography still has to get done.

ON TOP of the planning.

We realized that this was a problem...

We can teach you all of these strategies and tactics, but it's worthless unless you can execute on it.

That's why we knew we had to help.

We created a product called Bridgetown Story Sessions that focuses on telling stories through genuine, candid photography.

This is perfect for Personal Brand Photography.

If you're selling a cookbook or a food blogger we'd love to work with you!

Or if you have a process or history you want to share with your audience, Bridgetown Story Sessions is ideal for that.

But we know that executing on the photography can be a challenge to do it yourself.

The time spent learning how to operate a camera alone is a commitment.

And then there's the curating, editing, resizing.

Shooting for negative space for marketing creatives...

I think you get the point...

Still think you're ready to storyboard on your own?

Then don't forget your FREE Download :)

Click to DOWNLOAD Your FREE Storyboard Worksheet

Tomorrow, we'll be learn how to:

Choose the Highest Converting Photography Style for Your First Three Story Branding Photography Sessions

Let me know in the comments below what you thought about this article.

The good, the bad, the ugly. I can take it. (maybe)


But let me know so I can give you more of what you want.

Take care,

Mark Gubuan

Studio Manager and Director of Funk

Studio Manager and Director of Funk
Jessica Gubuan
[FREE PDF] How to Create a Customer Success Profile so That You Can Craft a High Converting Marketing Message

I'm glad you're here. Obviously marketing works. You're here reading this.

You probably saw an image or an article and clicked a link and….

Voila. You're here.

This article is part of a series teaching you How to Create Story Branding Photography.

My name is Mark and I'm the Studio Manager (and part owner) here.

If you missed the intro to why we're doing this and seemingly training our competition…

Get caught up here:


Ready to start? Let's get into it!

Build Your Primary Customer Avatar

If you're not marketing, why do you need photography?

But if you're marketing, then it's clear. You need genuine, high quality, story telling photography to create high converting advertising.

10 second intro about me...

I've been studying marketing since the late 90's. And internet marketing since not shortly after that.

Advertising and copyrwriting are something that naturally comes with the territory.

So when I approach photography, I tend to be biased towards marketing...

And that's a good thing...

Because a customer avatar defines everything you do.


A customer avatar creates the clarity you need to begin the process.

We need to define these things:

  • Personal Information

  • Geography

  • Psychology

  • Finances

  • Leisure

  • Fears & Challenges

1. Personal Information

This is basically their driver's license. If you picked up their driver's license, what would is say? We define this because psychologically for US, we have to be able to metaphorically walk in their shoes to really get an understanding for their problems.

When we can do this, we allow ourselves to come up with better solutions.

2. Geography

Geography matters because there can be language differences (like pop and soda) that might be the difference between making a sale and not making a sale.

If we're going to be spending time and money on marketing, we have to get it right.

3. Psychology

The psychology of your avatar will give you exactly what you need to say or do everyday to not only get the attention of your perfect client, but to also earn their trust.

Speaking to them in the way that they relate to the best will enhance your advertising and marketing so that it converts.

Let me go a little bit deeper here...

If you follow pop culture trends, you can leverage those ideas to create customer attracting ads.

This is where all viral ideas come from.... (like memes).

4. Finances

Until you really build the full profile of your perfect customer, you're just leaving things to chance.

Knowing their buying habits and wealth categories, gives you the upper hand when it comes to placing your ads in the right place.

Even creating buying methods or payment plans that you know your market not only uses, but DESIRES.

(Accepting Bitcoin Payments for example).

And finally, you can create pricing that lines up with what they're willing to spend.

5. Leisure

This is another link to pop culture trends, but it gives you another perspective on your perfect person.

Knowing their activities will allow you to not only leverage pop culture, but allow you to advertise and create marketing around the things that interest them.

6. Fears & Challenges

This is a big section that touches on the person as a whole.

Their health, wealth, spirituality, psychology, fears and frustrations.

This section on there surface seems like a negative and depressing thing to do, however, it is your responsibility to use this section honestly and ethically.

This is a secret weapon.

You can not only use this FEAR as a tool to create action, but you can also use this as a way to develop solutions that aren't easily discovered unless you do this type of analysis.

Think about this, you can pull someone towards you by placing their fear in front of them.

And then when they get to you, you can provide the solution and be that savior.

What Does a Customer Success Profile Have to Do with Photography?

Well, I get it...

This is A LOT of thinking work. Writing. But not photography.

There's a reason why I consider this one of THE MOST IMPORTANT documents in a business.

...it's because you're defining a voice...

It is this VOICE that every perfect client hears in their head when you talk to them.

It is ALSO unspoken communication....



The next thing we will do is DEFINE our STORY. Get ready for tomorrow's post and the supplementary video I'm shooting tomorrow.


7 Personal Branding Photography Pillars Your Competition Doesn't Want You To Know About
How to Take Story Branded Photography Bridgetown Pictures.png

Branding Photography Owner Education Series

As Studio Manager and Owner of Bridgetown Pictures, I wanted to design a tool for you that met three criteria.

1. It helped you sell more of your stuff.

2. It was easy to execute.

and 3. You didn't have to worry about procrastination.

Check out the first training link below to get your FREE Customer Success Profile PDF.

Get the FREE Download Here

Marketing works. That's what got you here right?

You probably saw an article and an image and clicked a link.

Nod if you agree... :)

Ready to learn Story Branding Photography? Keep going...

Who is this for?

  • This is for the business that needs an increase in sales and understands that photography is the weak link.

  • And it's for the business that knows their social media and online advertising is suffering and understand that high quality, relevant pictures that convert sales is the answer to the problem.

Who is this NOT for?

  • This is NOT for businesses that already have marketing mastered.

  • This is NOT for businesses that don't want to dig in and commit a few hours for a couple short weeks to learn.

  • This is NOT for businesses that aren't ready to scale up or AT LEAST preparing to scale up.

What is it?

This is a short educational series that helps your advertising convert more by creating story branded photography.

If you want to succeed, learn the following:

  1. How to Create Customer Avatar for a Targeted Marketing Message

  2. Define Your Brand Story to Communicate your Message Clearly

  3. Choose the Highest Converting Photography Style for The First Three Different Story Branding Photography Sessions

  4. How to Prep For a Productive Shoot

  5. How to Execute the Plan for the Shoot

  6. Complete Post Shoot Activities to Systematically Begin Testing Each Photograph to Identify the Highest Converting Image

Why spend time learning this?

Our businesses have an ecosystem that has to have balance.

Marketing and advertising is a critical part of that system.

Modern marketing and advertising requires high converting photography.

This part cannot be overlooked in a winning marketing plan.

The beauty about this process is once you’ve learned it, you’re all set to repeat it over and over again.


Ya! Let’s get started!

P.S. Have you discovered how to create a Customer Avatar to Craft a Targeted Message

How to Create Story Telling Photographs That Sell


Winning at marketing means you’re selling more stuff.

Who doesn’t want more of that?!

A winning marketing message is one that has these 5 things:

  1. Emotional Connection

  2. Clear Call to Action

  3. Talks About ONLY ONE Thing

  4. Creates Trust

  5. Talks About the Benefit (directly/indirectly)



The right planning eliminates the day of the shoot frustrations that come with poor planning.

The first thing you should do is map out the context of the story.

Set the stage for where our characters are going to be set.

Write out any defining emotions you want to achieve from certain plot points.

Lastly, create an open hook pulling your perfect client in... (HINT: This makes the whole process easier when you get this right)


One of the reasons for prepping so thoroughly is so that you can plan to have everything you need to create that high converting story.

FINALLY! You can feel like you’re doing something right.

Now that you’re at the day of the shoot, you have your message at the top of your mind and you’ve written out exactly what you want to capture.

Time to execute.

Here are some recommended supplies:

  1. DSLR Camera

  2. Continuous Lighting

  3. Props

  4. Reflectors

With these foundational items, you should be able to complete your photo shoot.

Now I know that everyone has varying degrees of experience shooting pictures...

And you are probably more than capable of pulling something like this off. 

But if you’re like me, you know that your time is spent best doing the things you know you’re great at....

...and get amazing results doing it...

Taking high converting photos might not be the best use of your time....

Because you’re going to have to deal with the learning curve, the frustration of lighting, framing the right shot...

And so many other nuances...

Luckily, we have a solution for you...

It’s called Bridgetown Story Sessions!

To be the first to learn about this Call (503) 383-9159 to talk to Jess and get the details.

What is personal branding photography?

Personal branding photography marries together the idea that you are unique and special, with an expectation of what people will experience when they do business with you.

Let's just get the cliche's out of the way...

It tells a story about who you are...

Now that that's outta the way, let's talk about how personal branding photography can help you.

The #1 Reason Why You Should Have Personal Branding Photography Done

We live a skeptical world with too much information.

Everything is fake.

People don't know who to trust.

And to top it off, we're constantly fighting for attention...

When people "google" you, do they see someone that they know, like and trust?

If the answer is no...

Then you already understand why you ABSOLUTELY have to have a personal branding photography session done.

This is the reason why you need personal branding photography.

We instruct our clients to use personal branding very specifically.

Want to learn how? Keep reading...

How to Use Personal Branding Photography in Your Business

1| Update Your Website

This is usually where your head probably went when you first started your search, so let's address this.

A hero image is the image that you choose as the most widely distributed and "known" image that represents you or your brand.

This hero image should be strategically placed where a customer is going to see it so that it instantly creates the perception of you that you want to create.

Think about it being where they are looking for trust like a checkout page, testimonial or review, banner or header and the about me section.

2| Social Media Profiles

Out with the old and in with the new. This one is a bit more involved, so let's just start with the basics.

Depending on how you market yourself, you'll want to create consistency when someone is researching you.

For example, if they jump from your social media to your website and back again, they want to see the same pictures as it links their thoughts together.

Put it this way...

A person looking for a solution for a problem is going to immediately run away if your social media doesn't line up with the expectations that you created on your website.

Maybe you come off high end on your website, but your social media says budget…

So by having the same profile image as the hero image on your website and more importantly, you contain the same messaging, then you've created consistency and trust by simply having the same picture.

3| Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Ok, so you've spent all of that money on a professional personal branding photography session.

Time to put it to work...

Since you've taken the time to create a marketing campaign and sync'd the photography to meet that requirement, then you're ready to launch that campaign.

The obvious place to you use this photography is in your social media advertising, print ads and brochures.

As the new marketing campaigns roll out with this new image…

…you can expect a shift in customer base as you’re going to start attracting more clients that line up with your vision.

So when you have a professional shoot done, it is far more effective to then be able to create consistent messaging in your business.

The bottom line is that if you improve your marketing and advertising, you are improving your sales numbers.

When you improve your sales numbers, problems get solved and you serve more people.

Is Personal Branding Photography Right for You?

So how do you know if you need this or not?

Here are 10 Signs You Need Personal Branding Photography

  1. You Haven't Updated Your Website in The Last 365 Days

  2. You Haven't Updated Your Social Media in The Last 90 Days

  3. You Have New Employees

  4. Your Business is Brand New

  5. You Want to Improve Your Marketing and Advertising

  6. People Are Confused By What You Do

  7. Your Business Isn't as Successful as It Should Be

  8. You Want to Stand Out from The Crowd

  9. You Don't Want to Do It Yourself

  10. Cell Phone Images Don't Cut It Anymore

And finally, the last thing that I want to say is that you need this if people don't know, like and trust you.

Need more sales? Then let's get started...

Reach out to Jessica at Jess@BridgetownPictures.com or Call (503) 383-9159 and book your session today.

7 Reasons You Need Personal Branding Photography

Personal branding photography is soon to be a dreaded buzzword, but it’s the simplest way to describe story telling through photography for businesses.

If you’re reading this, I can assume that you want to learn what personal branding photography is, whether or not its right for you and if so, how quickly can you get a return on investment….

…let’s get to it shall we?

What is personal branding photography?

As I stated above, it’s story telling through photography. But let’s simplify this further…

For me a personal brand is where YOU have your face up front and center (I’ll be writing another post about business branding, so stay posted for that), rather than the business.

A real estate agent, personal trainer, life coach, business coach, chiropractor, dentist, pediatrician, contractor, landscaper, handyman, mechanic, insurance, mortgage or accountant and many more industries and professions call all use personal branding photography of some kind.

Wow! That’s a lot…

It’s kinda funny to me that some businesses can still get away with not branding themselves at all… but a lot of the time I discover that’s because they’re well established and have a solid reputation and referral base.

…while its great to work with folks like that, it’s the people, like you, who have more money than time that need to start thinking about leveling up all aspects of your business (especially marketing) that are the best to work with…

Why? Read on my friend.

7 | Personal Branding Photography: Builds Rapport Automatically

You know who does personal branding really well? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

If you follow him on social media, you feel like you know him.

His photographs tell a story about who he is and you relate to the images (like him holding his newborn baby in the hospital).

With branding photography, you build this rapport without even saying single word.

6 | Personal Branding Photography: Highlights Your Best Self

Because personal branding photography sessions are designed to tell your story, you have the opportunity to showcase how awesome you are.

It’s amazing how much of your story you think is boring, when in reality, for other people it’s the most inspiring thing they’ve ever heard.

Never doubt yourself.

You’re awesome.

5 | Personal Branding Photography: Displays Your Status or Authority

You are experienced, skilled and good at what you do.

With professional photography, this tells your clients that you can be trusted and you know what you’re doing.

If you have awards or other skills you want to highlight, this branding can show that to your audience.

4 | Personal Branding Photography: Revolutionizes Your Marketing Message

Marketing and sales is really the name of the game here.

When you have professional photography wrapped into your marketing and sales not only where it’s supposed to be (websites, brochures, etc) and then inside of your social media marketing strategy, what happens is that your stories are being told throughout the customer journey (want to learn more about this? there’s an upcoming blog on this).

Your marketing message is the communicated in such a way that people connect emotionally with you and this is important because it creates likability.

3 | Personal Branding Photography: Instantly Builds Trust

Professional photography that replaces standard cell phone or amateur photography inside of your marketing and advertising converts fence sitters and skeptics into your most valued customers.

This is because professional images with YOU in them create a sense of “got it together”.

And that is important when they’re trying to choose between you and the next person.

2 | Personal Branding Photography: Makes You Stand Out

It may seem like “everyone’s doing it”, but that can’t be further from the truth.

The only people that are getting personal branding photography are those people that are committed to moving their business forward or that are already in a position of success, but they haven’t highlighted that success yet.

A professional photography session can be that bridge to success for you.

1 | Personal Branding Photography: Measurable Results

You can take your business revenue today, then have a professional photography session tomorrow.

IMPLEMENT your photographs into your marketing and advertising and see exactly how much more revenue you generate.

This is very measurable.

Now, I can’t guarantee a positive ROI, but what I can guarantee is that your story is being told, you’re gaining trust, you’re gaining a positive reputation and you’re highlighting what you do best.

In my most humble opinion, if you do those things, you can only expect to see some positive results.

How to Get the Best Personal Branding Photography

First of all, communication is very important.

When you work with Bridgetown Pictures, we ensure that in our pre-session consultation no one leaves feeling like we missed something.

We will go through a systematic questionnaire that helps us leave no stone un-turned.

So at the end of the pre-session consultation, Bridgetown Pictures understands what your marketing message is, how your photography will be used and what stories we’ll be telling about you.

Next, you’ll want to contact us at Jess@BridgetownPictures.com or call us at (503) 383-9159 and pay your first installment to get us on your calendar.

You’ll want to act fast because our 12 month schedule is booking up fast and once it’s booked, you’ll have to wait for a spot to open back up. Which is about 12 months at the longest right now.

How to Find The Best Photographers Near Me: 3 Criteria to Help You Choose

When I typed "photographers near me" into Google, I wasn't too pleased with the results because I noticed that the results shown were somewhat confusing. If you didn't tell Google specifically that you were looking for a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, boudoir photographer, family photographer or even a personal branding photograher, you got a very generic set of results.

So by writing this blog post, I'm hoping that I can help you discover the three most important criteria for finding a local photographer near you that fits your exact needs.

Criteria #1: Find a Photographer Near Me That Matches My Style

No matter what type of photography you're looking for, the most obvious thing to do is to search their portfolio to see if they already take the style of photography that you had in mind.

If they don't, I wouldn't write them off right away because photographers are skilled and often times, will only put portfolio items of things that they like on their website and not necessisarily what you like. A professional will be able to adapt and deliver, you just have to ask.

Criteria #2: Find a Photogapher Near Me Whose Personality I Like

Photogaphs tell the truth. If you feel uncomfortable, most likely this will shine through in your photograph. Choose a photographer that you mesh well with.

If your photographer offers a consultation of some kind, this is likely that they're getting a vibe for who you are too. If they care about their workproduct, they'll make sure that you're the right fit and you should too.

The last thing you want is to have an uncomfortable look and then ultimately to feel like you've wasted money.

Criteria #3: Find a Photographer Near Me Who I Can Afford

Photography shouldn't be cheap. But it should be affordable and full of value. If you want cheap, you can go to a big box retailer and get shots done there.

But if you're reading this, then you understand that finding the best photographer that money can be is a priority.

With the advent of the digital camera, professional photography is less of a priority for people today. This is a shame because most people are really bad at photography.

There are some people that have done basic tutorials and can wield a good phone shot but generally if you have something important that needs to get done, you should have an expert do it.

I say all of this to say, have a budget for what you want to spend. Budgeting for the right price all comes down to your immediate needs. Always check to see if there's a payment plan option. It's a great way to keep the costs down.

I hope that when you type in photographer near me into Google it gets a little bit easier for you.

Choose Bridgetown Pictures as your local professional photographer in the Portland Metro Area. We are now offering payment plans for qualifying serivces. We've been listening and want to help you. Call Us Today (503) 383-9159 and book your session.