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The Move Makers and Their Experience with Bridgetown Story Sessions

When we first started with business branding photography, we knew that we could create high quality photography, but we wanted to nail down our process first.

That's where The Move Makers come in...

The Move Makers - Carolyn Rowe - Google Review - 2019.08.07.png

The Move Makers are an enthusiastic group of people that make organization and moving a totally stress free experience.

I remember back in the day that I hated moving so much.

I probably moved once a year for 6 years straight. It was so brutal for me that made sure that I was able to fit all of my belongings into a small red pickup truck.

When moving day came… poof… I was gone… LOL.

Now.... I stay put much longer...

But if you want to cut down on the stresses and hassles of organization and moving, The Move Makers are definitely the one's you want to talk to.

A Bridgetown Story Sessions Success Story

The Move Makers are a wonderful example of a business that wanted to update their visual branding to match their level of customer service, experience and enthusiasm.

And to see how beautifully the photography, website and social media marketing came together is amazing because we know that their business is taking steps forward.

We're proud to be able to help businesses with photography.


Branding Photography is A Marketing First Approach to Photography

…and when we approach a business branding session, we do it with a marketing first approach.

Traditional photographers focus on “getting the shot” and there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG with that because ultimately that’s what a great photographer does.

But a branding photographer has to think ahead to HOW the pictures are going to be used.

Today, you have more than just printed materials…

You have social media now and that is quite intensive.

What’s great about working with The Move Makers was that since we approached their requirements this way, there was no second guessing what they needed.

From the planning, to the execution and delivery of the branding shoot, we left no detail undone.

For them, we understood that it was an investment for them and creating high converting photography was a priority.


Since The Move Makers have been taking advantage of our subscription service, they had the opportunity to create a cohesive marketing message for the entire year.

We worked with their staff closely each session and brought their vision to life.

Since they had dedicated marketing staff, it was a breeze to setup the shoots so that they received exactly what they wanted.

But not to worry, if you don’t have dedicated marketing staff, we have a process we use to ensure there are no grey areas when it comes to what you’re expectations are and what we deliver for you.

It is absolutely our priority to align your photography with your marketing message so that over time your digital and print assets convert leads and sales for you.


The Move Makers Results with Branding Photography

Branding Photography is an investment that has unlimited potential.

Now, I can’t guarantee that your branding images will ever go viral or convert sales and leads at specific rate…

There’s just so many factors at play…and it’s just irresponsible to guarantee something like that…

But what I can say is that professional photography that aligns with your marketing message, affects the perception that your clients have of you.

Instantly, they’ll feel more comfortable and will trust you more since all of your marketing channels will be congruent.

From Facebook, to Instagram, to your website, they will see your images and not just generic stock photography.

Now there’s a time and place for stock images (we offer a unique stock image gallery with our Bridgetown Insider’s Club).

But nothing is better than genuine, story telling, imagery showcasing you, your employees, products or services.

Here at Bridgetown Pictures, we’re always excited to speak with you, so if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (503) 383-9159.

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