Choose the Highest Converting Photography Style for The First Three Different Story Branding Photography Sessions


What styles of photography work the best for ads?

There are two subjects that I'll cover in this post. (1) Photography Styles and (2) Editing Styles.

Honestly, there's an infinite number of combinations of variables for effective advertising, but if I could narrow down a main focus for you it would be to understand your audience and show them images that are relatable.

There are actually around 15 photography genres...

Before we get into it. I wanted to use other people’s photography as examples in this blog post, but I decided against it because we all have access to Google and just getting all of the different licenses, etc are just not worth the hassle.

Aerial Photography

With the cost of drone technology coming down, aerial photography is now a genre that has an increasingly low barrier of entry.

This is great because if you need those high converting real estate shots from the sky, you'll be able to affordably accomplish those.

Architectural Photography

I love these shots because they capture the richness of history and tell such a great story about that time.

Taking pictures of key architectural scenes can change everything for you.

Candid Photography

This is where Personal Branding Photography lives. These are also known as lifestyle photography.

When these pictures are taken, they capture a very genuine, authentic emotion when they're done right.

This style is the recommended style for anyone trying to create a personal brand with an emotional connection to their audience.

Documentary Photography

This photography is designed to tell the truth about a subject. By taking photographs that highlight the different points being made, it creates a very linear and easy to understand storyline.

Fashion Photography

This can get very artistic and driven by the photographer. If not, this style will have a lot to do with the marketing campaign.

Obviously the fashion designer will already have the artistic direction in their mind.

It will be the photographer's job to realize this vision and make it a reality.

Food Photography

This type of photography can make something go from average to extraordinary.

Taking the right photography transforms a dish into something absolutely amazing.

Landscape Photography

We just cannot live without landscape photography. Some artists can really take a step back and see the true beauty of the Earth.

This photography can do an excellent job of setting the stage for you when you're telling a story.

Night Photography

This is a very specialized type of photography because there's a lot of patience involved.

So much trial and error getting the shot just right.

If this is a look that you'd like be prepared to spend some extra hours figuring it out.


This type of photography is what you'd expect to see in newspapers.

The news media requires these photographs to be able to tell the right kind of story in the news.

Without these, it because increasingly difficult for the news to create trust that the events are being told the right way.

Fine Art Photography

This photography can be worth a lot of money. I'm not going to pretend like I'm an expert knowing anything about that...

All I'm going to say is this...

You just never know what people are going to spend when it comes to buying fine art.


This style is exactly what you see in a family portrait or in a headshot...

This style works great for capturing a formal picture.

Sports Photography

This is also known as action photography. People or things moving fast.

Capturing the emotion of a big game win or lose.

Getting that last second win.

There's a ton of emotion available in a contest like that.

The art and skill of capturing that raw emotion is amazing because you get to leave your mark on history.

Street Photography

I've re-discovered street photography. There was something about it that I didn't realize appealed to me.

Seeing humanity this way is eye opening when you take a step back and look around.

Telling stories around the city will always have a variation of this style in the photos.

War Photography

I picture black and white images when I think about war photography.

Wars today are so high tech and very seldom documented through photos.

Wildlife Photography

This is one of the styles of photography that take an immense amount of planning and execution.

You have to be a researcher first and then have the right gear and conditions to capture elusive animals.

There might be a little luck involved too...


Don't be...

I'll discuss how to choose the right one below.

Before that I want to touch on editing styles that convert sales for you.

Now before you read any further, this is where I recommend that you hire an expert to do this.

Not because you can't, but because you shouldn't.

I'll explain why at the end.

7 Editing Styles that Convert Sales

Orange and Teal

This is an outdoor editing style. You will find this style used with Street Photography as well as outdoors where the sun is a factor.

It is also used in Candid Shoots.

Light & Airy

This style is found in wedding photography and I've seen it used with indoor real estate photography.

This style really gives the photo a fresh, bright feeling.


The most common way this editing style can be found today is through beauty and travel bloggers.

This look gives pictures a soft and gentle shade.


This is more than just a sepia Instagram filter. LOL. This editing style gives your photography a nostalgic feel if it's done properly.

And that's just it. The right style pulls emotions out of the person looking at the picture.


A muted look can be thought of as a "washed out" look. Or a picture where the colors aren't as bold as they should be.

You'd use this if the image itself wasn't the entirety of the focus.

Maybe you're adding text to the image or have something else in the area of the photo that should have the attention.


This style is when you take one color and make it the dominating color throughout the photo.

Like a black and white photo, but instead of black or white, the image is red and black or red and white.

This image converts well with certain ads, but as with everything, you'll want to test this out.


Ah, the classic black and white. This style is probably the one that can be over used, and under used at the same time.

A black and white photo can capture the most intimate of details, but at the same time tell a story so broad and sweeping that it's powerful.

High Contrast

Bright and bold and colorful. These pictures are sometimes described as "cinematic", but I don't like that description.

I think these are eye catching and beautiful and give us something our eyes can consume and connect with.

Which Editing Style Do I Need?

Ok, so now that I've completely overwhelmed you, let me help you make this an easy decision.

Sound good?

Let's use 3 easy criteria to pick the right editing style.

  1. How does your target audience respond to your ads now?

  2. What message are you communicating?

  3. Are these pictures being used for a temporary campaign or long term branding effort?

These questions are tough questions, I know, but you have to be honest with these answers and get rid of the styles that don't line up with your intention.

Let’s quickly breakdown these three criteria….

How does your target audience respond to your ads now?

What I’m asking here is whether there is a definitive style that your market is responding to.

What’s interesting about advertising today is that you can test all of the different types of images until you find the winners.

When you get to that point, you’ll know exactly the style of photography that works for YOUR high converting ads.

What message are you communicating?





These are all different adjectives that might be used to describe the photos that work best for YOUR high converting ads.

Based on your message, you’ll want to choose the editing style that gives your message the right amplification.

Are these pictures being used for a temporary campaign or long term branding effort?

This question is more about being congruent with your advertising and marketing.

Depending on the usage of your photos, you might want to consider a uniform editing style or concept throughout.

Need help with this? Leave us a comment below and we'll see how we can help.

Take Care,

Mark Gubuan

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