Is Personal Branding Photography Right for You?


Personal branding photography is an investment that can help your business improve its marketing and advertising.

If you’re wondering if you should spend the money, then read the 3 criteria that we’ve identified that will help you make this decision an easy one.

The 3 Criteria You Need to Know When Deciding if Personal Branding Photography is Right for You

Criteria 1 | Your Face is the Face of the Business

Think Oprah Winfrey or Tony Robbins. When you think of their names, you immediately have a perception of what their values are, how they’ve inspired you, how they’ve influenced you and most importantly, you have some kind of emotional response to hearing name or SEEING their face.




If you’re in an industry where your face is what’s primarily seen in advertising or your marketing, then absolutely you need personal branding photography.

Criteria 2 | You Are in A Trust Based Industry

Personal branding photography taken by a professional photographer helps you INSTANTLY create trust with potential clients.

Have you ever just come across a business or a person that just seem a little “off”? Well that’s what happens when you don’t have a clean, professional, UPDATED group of marketing materials.

Just a few off the top of my head are insurance, real estate, accounting, financial planners, life coaches and personal trainers to name a few.

Criteria 3 | You’ve Never Had it Done or Need a Refresh

As I was alluding to in the last second, there’s a trust issue when someone doesn’t “look like” the person in the pictures when they meet them in real life.

You might be accidentally “catfishing” and that’s not a good look for you.

Or if you’re new or just haven’t taken the plunge yet, then do it. You’ll find that people immediately see that you’re taking your business to the next stage.

This bodes well for you because people want to work with people who do well in life and in business.


Bonus Criteria | You Have a Website or Social Media Account

It’s a given these days that its a requirement to have a website and social media account and when it comes to personal branding photography this is where the rubber meets the road.

Content is king.

Personal branding photography is the key to the kingdom.

However there is one problem….

How do you stand out from the crowd if everyone is doing professional photography?

The solution is simple.

You invest in story branding photography.

Story branding photography, even if everyone does it, still allows you to be different.


Because no one can be you. Period.

You can be the best and most authentic and genuine version of yourself and that’s powerful.

Want to learn more about this?

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Take Care,

Mark Gubuan

Studio Manager and Director of Funk

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