Cheap Headshots Are Hurting You Not Helping; Do This Instead

Cheap headshots might seem like the ONLY option you have when you're just getting started with marketing or branding yourself or your business.

I get it though... the whole point of getting headshots done are to help create trust, to imply professionalism and to show the people that you're looking to attract that you take things seriously...

But the reality is that you're just making yourself look like everyone else.

If headshots aren't the way to go, what should you do instead?

Well if you're looking for one single headshot to put on a passport photo or something like that, by all means go to the mall or have a friend take your picture.

But if you're really looking for the wow factor, there's a really obvious and frustratingly overlooked "tactic".

Be you.

The authentic, genuine version of yourself.


In a headshot, we simply don't pose you.

No that's boring (sure we do these but they're not the only thing we do).

What we do is capture you in your natural element.

…in a genuine setting with an authentic emotion.

Trust me... if you love what you do, then you’re not going to feel awkward or self conscious...

And you’re going to look amazing!

And that’s because candid photography is done in a way that you just “do you” and the photographer does the rest...

So you get to be an authentic and genuine person by being you...

You just act natural...

And you rise above the noise and stand out!

How does that sound?

If this makes sense to you and you’re looking for an amazing headshot solution, then check out our Bridgetown Story Sessions right here.

Take Care,

Mark Gubuan

Studio Manager/Director of Funk

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