How to Make Old; New Again


Modern photography is unlike anything else in history.

The competition for the attention of ONE personal seems to have no end in sight.

Human beings are constantly over stimulated...

Take driving a car, for example, it’s so overwhelming on the senses.

You're late for school...

...the kids are screaming in the back.

People are honking at each other... and not you.

All while you're mentally preparing for that big presentation you have later in the day!

Sound a little too familiar?

It's crazy to be alive right now because technology is growing exponentially and many of us were alive to see the beginning.

So what's next?

How do you take old, but high converting, advertising principles and make them new for a modern, authentic visual marketing message?

The answer... is a Bridgetown Story Session.

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Now onto the content...

High Converting Ad Principle #1


There must be congruency from message to offer.

If you’re offering a high value package, the marketing message should convey the same message.

Photography today can mimic this principle by taking content from the same shoot and use it across many different marketing channels and social platforms.

High Converting Ad Principle #2

Clearly defined value.

Since we’re on the topic of value, let’s chat about having a solid value proposition.

A value proposition can also be known as an irresistible offer.

Professionally planned images can easily convey the right message.

This is done by showing the quality of the manufacturing process or by capturing a memorable customer service experience.

High Converting Ad Principle #3

Emotion driven messaging.

We’ve known since the beginning of time that a human's emotion drives them to action.

Do you have a song that reminds you of something that happened in your life? Like a wedding song? Or a first kiss?

That's what happens when you create imagery that's relevant and familiar to your audience in today's modern world.


There is ONE problem...

Never before have humans been able to create video and digital photography with ease.

You have full multi-media studios in your pocket now.

Everyone can create high converting images now...

Or can they?

Because when a true artist picks up a camera... you notice the difference.


It's because a professional can create a emotion driven image that's congruent and has a clearly defined value proposition in an artistic way.

What is a Bridgetown Story Session?

Just imagine having 90 days of professional, authentic, photography with targeted messaging to use in your social media campaigns.

Imagine never having to worry about images for advertising because you have branding and unique pictures at your disposal.

Increase your customer's confidence in you because your messaging is congruent across your website, social media presence and advertising.

If this makes sense to you then let's make sure to have a conversation about it.

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