[FREE PDF] How to Create a Customer Success Profile so That You Can Craft a High Converting Marketing Message

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This article is part of a series teaching you How to Create Story Branding Photography.

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Build Your Primary Customer Avatar

If you're not marketing, why do you need photography?

But if you're marketing, then it's clear. You need genuine, high quality, story telling photography to create high converting advertising.

10 second intro about me...

I've been studying marketing since the late 90's. And internet marketing since not shortly after that.

Advertising and copyrwriting are something that naturally comes with the territory.

So when I approach photography, I tend to be biased towards marketing...

And that's a good thing...

Because a customer avatar defines everything you do.


A customer avatar creates the clarity you need to begin the process.

We need to define these things:

  • Personal Information

  • Geography

  • Psychology

  • Finances

  • Leisure

  • Fears & Challenges

1. Personal Information

This is basically their driver's license. If you picked up their driver's license, what would is say? We define this because psychologically for US, we have to be able to metaphorically walk in their shoes to really get an understanding for their problems.

When we can do this, we allow ourselves to come up with better solutions.

2. Geography

Geography matters because there can be language differences (like pop and soda) that might be the difference between making a sale and not making a sale.

If we're going to be spending time and money on marketing, we have to get it right.

3. Psychology

The psychology of your avatar will give you exactly what you need to say or do everyday to not only get the attention of your perfect client, but to also earn their trust.

Speaking to them in the way that they relate to the best will enhance your advertising and marketing so that it converts.

Let me go a little bit deeper here...

If you follow pop culture trends, you can leverage those ideas to create customer attracting ads.

This is where all viral ideas come from.... (like memes).

4. Finances

Until you really build the full profile of your perfect customer, you're just leaving things to chance.

Knowing their buying habits and wealth categories, gives you the upper hand when it comes to placing your ads in the right place.

Even creating buying methods or payment plans that you know your market not only uses, but DESIRES.

(Accepting Bitcoin Payments for example).

And finally, you can create pricing that lines up with what they're willing to spend.

5. Leisure

This is another link to pop culture trends, but it gives you another perspective on your perfect person.

Knowing their activities will allow you to not only leverage pop culture, but allow you to advertise and create marketing around the things that interest them.

6. Fears & Challenges

This is a big section that touches on the person as a whole.

Their health, wealth, spirituality, psychology, fears and frustrations.

This section on there surface seems like a negative and depressing thing to do, however, it is your responsibility to use this section honestly and ethically.

This is a secret weapon.

You can not only use this FEAR as a tool to create action, but you can also use this as a way to develop solutions that aren't easily discovered unless you do this type of analysis.

Think about this, you can pull someone towards you by placing their fear in front of them.

And then when they get to you, you can provide the solution and be that savior.

What Does a Customer Success Profile Have to Do with Photography?

Well, I get it...

This is A LOT of thinking work. Writing. But not photography.

There's a reason why I consider this one of THE MOST IMPORTANT documents in a business.

...it's because you're defining a voice...

It is this VOICE that every perfect client hears in their head when you talk to them.

It is ALSO unspoken communication....



The next thing we will do is DEFINE our STORY. Get ready for tomorrow's post and the supplementary video I'm shooting tomorrow.