How to Amplify Your Marketing Message using High Converting Photography


We just love our clients! Have you seen the work we did for the Move Makers yet? Check it out at this blog post.

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So we just got back from our 10 year anniversary trip to Mt. Hood.

Check out this AirBNB we stayed at!



Absolutely recommended... the only caveat is that it's modeled after a traditional Japanese Modern Style home.

Short people only! LOL.

I'm 5'4" and it barely cleared my head.

I tell you that story because I was sold on the pictures of the house.

They told me the story of what I was going to experience before I got there.

I'd say everything was pretty accurate.

Take a look for yourself...

High Converting Photography Worked!

Now let’s get real for a second…

I was definitely a buyer before I started searching. The process took a couple of weeks to plan so I wasn’t immediately sold.

So what was the difference?

Well the images amplified the marketing message that they were trying to tell about this property.

The design is inspired by travels to Japan and a love for NW design.

The marketing message was intertwined within the overall listing and the quality of the listing speaks for itself.

The description told the story and delivered the marketing message, but the photography is what tied the whole piece together.

It created amplification because at the end of the day, I made my decision based on what I was seeing and that’s what created my expectation…

And that was set in concrete with the high quality photography.

And let's just point out that this is all standard and formulaic.

There are only so many different ways to display real estate listings.

But the photography is the key to better conversions and standing out from every other real estate agent in the area.

(sure we might be biased over here LOL)

Amplify Your Marketing Message with a Story Session

If you truly want to amplify your marketing message, then the first thing we always lead with is your Customer Avatar...

We call it The Customer Success Profile because we feel we're talking about a person (you) and not a framework.

If you don't have your marketing message nailed down. Stop everything and download this PDF.

Don’t forget to check out this tutorial video I shot on how to fill out and use the Customer Success Profile PDF.

But if you're ready to take the next step and improve your photography, then check this out...

Have you heard about Bridgetown Story Sessions?

You can learn why a marketing first approach to story branded photography delivers a high converting marketing message on this page...


I almost forgot, we'll be doing a training for the Tigard Chamber of Commerce to help you create high converting photography with the best camera available…. the one in your pocket….

Take Care,


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