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7 Reasons You Need Personal Branding Photography

Personal branding photography is soon to be a dreaded buzzword, but it’s the simplest way to describe story telling through photography for businesses.

If you’re reading this, I can assume that you want to learn what personal branding photography is, whether or not its right for you and if so, how quickly can you get a return on investment….

…let’s get to it shall we?

What is personal branding photography?

As I stated above, it’s story telling through photography. But let’s simplify this further…

For me a personal brand is where YOU have your face up front and center (I’ll be writing another post about business branding, so stay posted for that), rather than the business.

A real estate agent, personal trainer, life coach, business coach, chiropractor, dentist, pediatrician, contractor, landscaper, handyman, mechanic, insurance, mortgage or accountant and many more industries and professions call all use personal branding photography of some kind.

Wow! That’s a lot…

It’s kinda funny to me that some businesses can still get away with not branding themselves at all… but a lot of the time I discover that’s because they’re well established and have a solid reputation and referral base.

…while its great to work with folks like that, it’s the people, like you, who have more money than time that need to start thinking about leveling up all aspects of your business (especially marketing) that are the best to work with…

Why? Read on my friend.

7 | Personal Branding Photography: Builds Rapport Automatically

You know who does personal branding really well? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

If you follow him on social media, you feel like you know him.

His photographs tell a story about who he is and you relate to the images (like him holding his newborn baby in the hospital).

With branding photography, you build this rapport without even saying single word.

6 | Personal Branding Photography: Highlights Your Best Self

Because personal branding photography sessions are designed to tell your story, you have the opportunity to showcase how awesome you are.

It’s amazing how much of your story you think is boring, when in reality, for other people it’s the most inspiring thing they’ve ever heard.

Never doubt yourself.

You’re awesome.

5 | Personal Branding Photography: Displays Your Status or Authority

You are experienced, skilled and good at what you do.

With professional photography, this tells your clients that you can be trusted and you know what you’re doing.

If you have awards or other skills you want to highlight, this branding can show that to your audience.

4 | Personal Branding Photography: Revolutionizes Your Marketing Message

Marketing and sales is really the name of the game here.

When you have professional photography wrapped into your marketing and sales not only where it’s supposed to be (websites, brochures, etc) and then inside of your social media marketing strategy, what happens is that your stories are being told throughout the customer journey (want to learn more about this? there’s an upcoming blog on this).

Your marketing message is the communicated in such a way that people connect emotionally with you and this is important because it creates likability.

3 | Personal Branding Photography: Instantly Builds Trust

Professional photography that replaces standard cell phone or amateur photography inside of your marketing and advertising converts fence sitters and skeptics into your most valued customers.

This is because professional images with YOU in them create a sense of “got it together”.

And that is important when they’re trying to choose between you and the next person.

2 | Personal Branding Photography: Makes You Stand Out

It may seem like “everyone’s doing it”, but that can’t be further from the truth.

The only people that are getting personal branding photography are those people that are committed to moving their business forward or that are already in a position of success, but they haven’t highlighted that success yet.

A professional photography session can be that bridge to success for you.

1 | Personal Branding Photography: Measurable Results

You can take your business revenue today, then have a professional photography session tomorrow.

IMPLEMENT your photographs into your marketing and advertising and see exactly how much more revenue you generate.

This is very measurable.

Now, I can’t guarantee a positive ROI, but what I can guarantee is that your story is being told, you’re gaining trust, you’re gaining a positive reputation and you’re highlighting what you do best.

In my most humble opinion, if you do those things, you can only expect to see some positive results.

How to Get the Best Personal Branding Photography

First of all, communication is very important.

When you work with Bridgetown Pictures, we ensure that in our pre-session consultation no one leaves feeling like we missed something.

We will go through a systematic questionnaire that helps us leave no stone un-turned.

So at the end of the pre-session consultation, Bridgetown Pictures understands what your marketing message is, how your photography will be used and what stories we’ll be telling about you.

Next, you’ll want to contact us at or call us at (503) 383-9159 and pay your first installment to get us on your calendar.

You’ll want to act fast because our 12 month schedule is booking up fast and once it’s booked, you’ll have to wait for a spot to open back up. Which is about 12 months at the longest right now.