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How to Find The Best Photographers Near Me: 3 Criteria to Help You Choose

When I typed "photographers near me" into Google, I wasn't too pleased with the results because I noticed that the results shown were somewhat confusing. If you didn't tell Google specifically that you were looking for a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, boudoir photographer, family photographer or even a personal branding photograher, you got a very generic set of results.

So by writing this blog post, I'm hoping that I can help you discover the three most important criteria for finding a local photographer near you that fits your exact needs.

Criteria #1: Find a Photographer Near Me That Matches My Style

No matter what type of photography you're looking for, the most obvious thing to do is to search their portfolio to see if they already take the style of photography that you had in mind.

If they don't, I wouldn't write them off right away because photographers are skilled and often times, will only put portfolio items of things that they like on their website and not necessisarily what you like. A professional will be able to adapt and deliver, you just have to ask.

Criteria #2: Find a Photogapher Near Me Whose Personality I Like

Photogaphs tell the truth. If you feel uncomfortable, most likely this will shine through in your photograph. Choose a photographer that you mesh well with.

If your photographer offers a consultation of some kind, this is likely that they're getting a vibe for who you are too. If they care about their workproduct, they'll make sure that you're the right fit and you should too.

The last thing you want is to have an uncomfortable look and then ultimately to feel like you've wasted money.

Criteria #3: Find a Photographer Near Me Who I Can Afford

Photography shouldn't be cheap. But it should be affordable and full of value. If you want cheap, you can go to a big box retailer and get shots done there.

But if you're reading this, then you understand that finding the best photographer that money can be is a priority.

With the advent of the digital camera, professional photography is less of a priority for people today. This is a shame because most people are really bad at photography.

There are some people that have done basic tutorials and can wield a good phone shot but generally if you have something important that needs to get done, you should have an expert do it.

I say all of this to say, have a budget for what you want to spend. Budgeting for the right price all comes down to your immediate needs. Always check to see if there's a payment plan option. It's a great way to keep the costs down.

I hope that when you type in photographer near me into Google it gets a little bit easier for you.

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