Is a Mid 30 Crisis Even a Thing? The Story of How it All Began


it all started with a crisis....

...a new baby. A great paying job. A new husband. A brand new townhouse. A city I loved. Everything seemed perfect...

Or so I thought....

Before the crisis reared it's ugly, unassuming head. I was a high school student in the early 2000's.

High school was a crazy time for me. My dad was in a coma for months. I said goodbye to him many, many times. Then my mom's cancer showed up for the first time.

God blessed our whole family because 18 years later, they're both still alive! Healthy! They're literally both miracles and medical anomolies.

But throughout that craziness, the irony of being in such a dark time in my life was that I found comfort and solice in a Darkroom.

It was inside of this darkroom that I learned how to develop photographs from negatives. You could say that this was the moment that the spark, for what I would learn 15 years later, would be my calling...

I was just some teenager figuring out how to frame the perfect shot and getting the gratification of taking the negative and developing it.

Waiting patiently while your image appears.

Kids today. They'll never know.

And then the greatest thing in the world happened....

I became a mother for the first time. And it couldn't have come at a better time....

At least at first that's what I thought....

Because I was newly married to the man of my dreams. We lived in a beautiful townhouse, in the best neighborhood in town with unobstructed views of Mount Hood.

As my husband would say, it was a heavenly experience because everytime you saw that sunrise, you'd feel closer to God.

I loved my job. I getting paid well.

But the apple of my eye. He changed everything.

I started having doubts about myself...

Am I going to be a good mother?

What if he doesn't love me?

Is this what I should be doing the rest of my life?

What happens to me when he moves out of the house?

Who am I if I'm not a mother?

I struggled with these questions. But a lot of them sorted themselves out. My son and I have a unbreakable bond. He's so amazing.

But other's didn't.

I went on to start multiple businesses. That just weren't my passion.

They were profitable and fun. But they just didn't give me that feeling.

The one that says, ah yes, you're good at this and you love it.

But then one day, I decided that I would do a practice photoshoot with my son (obviously)... and I absolutely LOVED IT.

Silent whispers turned into screaming. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!

Ever since then I've gotten such rave reviews about my work. Clients time and time again tell me. I just wasn't sure about doing this, but now I'm so glad.

They tell me that they feel empowered...

Families tell me that they've never gotten those kinds of reactions captured in photographs...

It's those moments with my clients that make be believe that I'm meant for this...

The question now is, how can I help you experience those same feelings?