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Small Business Branding Packages

Do you ever tell yourself, "I'll get to it when I have a bit more time"? Or do you say, "I'll make a bit more money and then get that done"?

If that sounds like you , then you need to hear a this story I heard. It's about two women with identical businesses. They had identical background. And they had identical product lines.

But there was one difference.

After 1 year. One woman became empowered. She created a business that her family and friends were proud of. (and some were secretly envious of).

The other woman. She was constantly stressed. She was constantly worried about how she was going to do the next month. Her friends and family were supportive, but she knew in the back of her head that they were just waiting for her to fail.

The first woman. Things weren't so easy in the beginning. She was scared. She didn't have a lot of money. But she worked hard.

But more importantly, she made some crucial (and difficult) decisions in the beginning. (and would make them again if she had to).

One of those decisions was to focus on the visual appeal of her business...

...what was strange about this decision was that she didn't know this decision was important, but here's why it was...

The second woman, she didn't focus on the visual appeal of her business. So after the first couple of months, her photos that she took herself started to look more and more like an amature did it.

Her social media looked like she didn't care and that she didn't know what she was doing.

And based on her sales, it looked like the market also felt the same way.

The first woman, she was immediately taken seriously.

Potential clients saw her websites, marketing material and social media and were instantly greeted by an aura of professionalism. The alarm bells didn't ring when she was discovered.

Her clients. They had a feeling of gratitude. One where their searching could finally end because they had the answer that they were looking for.

Business started to snowball after that. She began to feel more an more empowered! Almost unstoppable!

What You Want and What You Get

  • You want to be unique. So we'll give you the oppotunity to tell your story through photos. We'll either setup a lifestyle shoot or a traditional corporate shoot, it's up to you. And we'll make you feel ultra comfortable in front of the camera during our point by point photoshoot. This is going to be ### hours and you'll have ### wardrobe changes.
  • You want to upgrade your overall visual appeal. So we'll take the strengths of what you already have and make them even better. Were you taking pictures that you loved? But wanted more of? Product images or flat lays? We'll work with you to get those staged and make it happen. You'll get ### social media ready images you have the rights to. So you can easily add text to or just upload directly to social media.
  • You want new hero images. Hero image? It's that image that becomes the main focal point in your marketing and branding. We'll help you choose which one to pick from and add that to the business package you choose. These will be ### headshots and other lifestyle or traditional corporate images.

so... which entreprenuer do you want to be?


Do you ever wonder how other businesses seem to "just get it done"?

I do too! And you know what it is? They get help.

Honestly, posting to social media even just once a day is so exhausting. So what happens? You just have this hodgepodge of plates of food, your kids doing funny stuff and an occasional selfie.

Sound like you?

I bet you'd rather show a business that "has it together". You probably are wishing that you had a social media presence that really told the story of how great your business really is!

The power of social media is that it helps your perfect clients discover you in a way where they feel like they already know you.

Once they start following you, you can pretty much rest asure that they like you.

And after that, guess what. They trust you.


It's so important in the digital age. There's so many ways for people to get their virtual hearts broken.

And having a well updated social media account... This creates that bond that you need with your potential clients.

The solution to all of this is to have Bridgetown Pictures take photos of you periodically. This will help you keep your social media profiles fresh and current.

Keep reading if you need help 

What do I get?

  • You get a monthly subscription or an annual prepaid plan
  • You get periodic photoshoots throughout the year
  • You get social media ready lifestyle or product photos to use for your online or offline marketing
  • You get the piece of mind that you don't have to worry about figuring out what to share everyday